Why Active Listening is Important?

Why Active Listening is Important?


“Listen, at least as much as you want to be heard”

In today’s time, we have seen rapid growth in cases of loneliness. We must agree that talking to our loved ones makes us feel free and get rid of loneliness. Well, in such instances active listening plays a key role. The undivided attention given to people while listening to what they are saying can make them feel worthy and valuable.

An emotionally vulnerable person always has a lot to say.  It takes only a listening ear for them to fully open up! Most people nowadays have almost forgotten the importance of active listening in strengthening their relationships. This article is aimed to re-establish those connections. 

Now, to the techniques that can enhance active listening….

Active listening is not only about hearing the words of other people but also to remain fully present in the entire conversation. When our near ones feel that we are giving full attention to them, they feel their importance and converse freely with us. Open-ended questions are also important when involved in active listening.

When you want the person to fully open up and share their thoughts on a particular matter, these types of questions are significant. If you try to listen well without judging, it can bring out effective outcomes as well. It is necessary to focus on listening more rather than jumping to unnecessary conclusions. 

Stay focused and be a good listener…..

Focusing on the words of the speaker is important to become a good listener. Moreover, you can also ask that person to repeat their words that you have not understood. This can make communication smooth with people without any loss of understanding and attention. Every person has a lot to say and it is important to listen to them by focusing and paying attention to them. This can also make the relationship much better. 

When a person becomes a good listener, they get appreciated by the person with whom they are conversing. The perspective of every person varies and thus, appropriately listening to them by staying focused is important before getting to the inference.

Also, nowadays people keep scrolling through their smartphones while someone is talking to them. This is one thing you must NEVER do while listening to someone! It’s a complete no-no during any conversation, it makes the people feel unwanted! Thus, putting up the entire focus in the conversation is very important.

The Final Thoughts…..

Most of us remain busy these days and use it as an excuse to not listen to our near ones! And this happens time and again! This makes them quite embarrassed and pushes them back from saying something freely while affecting our bonding with them. That is why it is important to show them empathy and ensure that they feel immensely supported whenever they need an ear!

Express your feelings and make them know that you are understanding their words and the emotions behind them. Also, keep your body language and tone appropriate and focus on providing a positive vibe for the speaker to allow them to speak freely. Listening is not a difficult task, give it a try!

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