Well Communication- the Key to Successful Relationships

Well Communication- the Key to Successful Relationships

“Choose dialogues over sulking, it always helps”

If you take a deeper look at successful relationships, you will find out that the common factor in all is good communication. While all of us might communicate with our partners, children, or parents, it is important to have good communication to make our bonds stronger. In today’s time, we are all busy with our lives.

With increasing screen time and heavy-duty workloads, most of us have become robots when it comes to nurturing our relationships. We prefer to just carry on with our responsibilities rather than showing acts of love, empathy, and kindness to our loved ones. And all of these add up to establishing the right communication!

What does right communication mean?

We all talk to our near ones on a daily basis. We convey our needs to them and we receive feedback from them as well. But do we actually say what we feel? Do we convey our emotions? Do we tell them how much we love them or how much they matter to us?

All our near ones leave us one by one as we keep aging and in our last days, all we do is regret about not saying what we felt for them! Be it your parents, your children, your spouse, or any other loved one, it is important to convey to them what you feel!

It’s not only the good but the worsts too! 

It is believed that well communication is only about saying good things to each other! NO! When you communicate openly, you must show all your true emotions to the people you love. It’s your pain, your anger, your self-pity, or even your worst fears that need to be conveyed to your loved ones for them to understand you well.

Most young adults today keep sulking for days, months, and years sometimes but they prefer to not convey what they feel about people or situations at a moment. And when you do not convey what you feel, it only adds to your own turmoil and keeps building with passing time. Someday it either breaks you or your relations!

Choose your words correctly…

While it is advised to always be open about your emotions, it is also suggested that you choose your words mindfully! Several people think that they might hurt their loved ones if they say what they feel and might break some bonds too! This happens when you are harsh or do not choose to have the right words for conveying your emotions.

If anything is breaking you from the inside, you must convey it to the person responsible. But you don’t need to shout or fight with them as a matter of fact! You can always be mindful about what is bothering you and yet be polite and subtle! When you do not communicate your emotions well, it not only affects you but also the ones who are associated with you! 

Be open with your thoughts and lend your ears where needed…

It is a common norm in our society where we teach our sons to NOT “cry like girls”. But why? Why can’t men cry too? Are they not humans? Do they not have feelings? But as society has always portrayed men as the “toughest” of all beings, they do not show their emotional sides. It is the reason why we see almost all Father’s day posts saying that fathers are more like coconuts- harder from the outside and softer from the inside!

It is we who have pushed them to build such walls. Being well communicated helps in making your relationships better and saves you from a lot of miserable moments throughout your life. It must also be kept in mind that good communication is not only about speaking but it’s about listening too! You must be a good listener if you want to build a well-communicated relationship with your loved ones.

The final thoughts…

Most relationships today die down because of miscommunications and misunderstandings. It may be that you heard or saw something about your partner or your children from someone else. But most of us choose to not address the issue with the ones concerned and tend to believe what we saw or heard.

This leads to many misconceptions which ultimately makes our relationships go sour. That is why it’s very important to have a talk with your loved ones from time to time. It helps in clearing the misunderstandings and flourishing your relationships for the better! So, overcome your ‘fear of rejection’ and start conveying your emotions now!

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In my late 20s, I am passionate about writing, exploring ideas, appreciating the good, and surviving the bad. I believe in healing from things that do not show scars and thrive to help others heal too! I am also a practicing psychological counselor! Be with me on my journey towards Enriching Minds and Comforting Souls!

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