Travel to Unwind. Travel to Relax. Travel to Glorify.

Travel to Unwind. Travel to Relax. Travel to Glorify.


The last few years that we spent through the pandemic made us realize how important it is to travel! Being stuck in one place for such a long time affected us to such an extent that some of us even stopped worrying about corona anymore and wanted to get out of the house anyhow!

The lifting of lockdowns in between, saw a rising crowd in tourist places that of course took us back to the 2nd and 3rd wave of the virus but our desire to travel did not die down! As soon as the pandemic started to subside, not only the common tourist places, but many major offbeat places also saw a high rise in visitors.

The feeling of escaping the monotonous routine of everyday lives is something that cannot be described in words. It’s a feeling unmatched! And the ones who have not yet experienced the world of travel, I would suggest that they must unwind, relax and glorify themselves through traveling!

Why is traveling necessary?

The common human tendency is to get bored with routine life. Though we all love the everyday daal chawal, we do not mind savoring biryanis once in a while. Just like we feed our stomachs with exclusive delicacies every once in a while, we also need to feed our souls with exquisite locales once in a while.

Be it getting lost in the mountains or getting our dose of vitamin sea (pun intended), we need to make sure that we get a break from our regular lifestyle as and when we can! It is needed primarily because the human brain constantly looks for a change.

And a regular lifestyle can affect their overall personality to an extent where they can become grumpy, irritated, less concentrating, and low energized also! Thus, you need to travel, wherever and whenever you can!

But what about the pocket crunch?

Well, it is a common perception that for traveling you need too much money and too many ideas! NO! It’s just a ‘common perception’ that is baseless! You need the sparkle in your eyes and the courage in your heart to take the plunge.

Many of us are bound by our responsibilities and we think a thousand times before we head to a travel destination. But what if you do not have to make compromises with your responsibilities and still get to unwind your soul through traveling? Yes, it may sound impractical but you can do it! Read how…

Start Saving!

The more we earn, the more is our expenditure! Thus, if you think that with more money you can travel more, it is wrong! It is more likely that you will spend the money on other stuff! So, it is advised that you save money separately for traveling!

It doesn’t have to be a hefty amount! You can save a little each month and take a vacation after every 6-8 months. That way you do not have to worry about your bills and yet get that much-required refreshment!

Choose Offbeat Destinations!

It is not mandatory that you have to visit the cliché tourist places only. Most tourist destinations are overcrowded and expensive! In the last few years, many offbeat locations have evolved voluptuously and the locals there are very friendly too!

They offer cheap homestay options along with good food and other facilities that are also pocket friendly. So, you can save a lot of money while you travel to such offbeat locations!

Ditch the Package System!

Most travel packages come with extra costs that you may not have to bear when you travel without them! You can plan your own trip and save a lot of money on each vacation. These days, major travel destinations have emerged with affordable hostel living facilities where you can choose to stay.

They have all the luxuries of a good hotel but are on a budget. You can also use shared cabs for sightseeing and have your meals at local eateries to plan your trip in a budget-friendly manner. For reference, you can also head to the internet and find all the required information about such budget stays!

The more you travel, the less you feel the worldly burden!

Those who travel frequently know how important it is to unwind, relax and glorify! The ones who travel less are surely missing out on a lot of soul-finding adventures. When you travel places, you get to know about various human cultures, and natural beauties and also meet people of different kinds that you will probably never experience if you do not travel. Most lost souls find their retreat in traveling and it opens our hearts and mind for betterment.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts” – Mark Twain

In the end…

Our responsibilities will come and go and so will your money! But the one thing that we may miss out on is the time we give to ourselves while traveling! In life we all are stuck somewhere; relationships, goals, or responsibilities! One goes and another come!

But in the midst of all these, we need to take time for ourselves and invest in finding our inner solace. And traveling is a form of self-care that is seldom acknowledged in our society.

Thus, to boost your draining souls and bring back the lost energy, travel unapologetically! As I said in the beginning; travel to unwind, travel to relax, and travel to glorify!

About Author

In my late 20s, I am passionate about writing, exploring ideas, appreciating the good, and surviving the bad. I believe in healing from things that do not show scars and thrive to help others heal too! I am also a practicing psychological counselor! Be with me on my journey towards Enriching Minds and Comforting Souls!

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