How Right Education can Shape the Society for Better

How Right Education can Shape the Society for Better

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela


Through years of the earth’s evolution, we have seen massive growth in the sector of education. Be it propagating knowledge through varied courses or fighting for educational rights in rural areas, we have seen it all.

And with time, it only aims at getting better! However, in today’s time, the hustle to get a degree and pass it with optimum marks has got the education system trapped within limited confinement.

Students today take education as a mode to get through a career of their choice and not to learn new things about life. As said by Rancho from the movie 3 Idiots“Sab race pe lage hai”!

But does actually getting a degree and getting placed in your favorite company define your education?

Well, if you ask me, I do not agree with it fully! A right education, according to me, is outside the bookish knowledge. The lessons that you learn every day, that help in your self-growth, that allows you to be a better human being, and that help in developing social awareness are something that I consider to be the right lessons to get educated.

Of course, you need bookish knowledge and you cannot just start with having real-time lessons without getting a basic education, but at the end of the day if the bookish knowledge is not shaping you up as a better human being then all that knowledge is nothing but a mode to earn money (if only it helps in that too!)

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”Aristotle

If you go back in time and take a look at the lifestyle of famous personalities from any educational background, you will always find that they have had it tougher than we can think!

Education is a never-ending process; there will come a time when getting educated itself can be a monotonous and lengthy journey but when you stick to it, it will take you to places you cannot imagine!

Right education for a better society!

We can see many highly educated people today calling the waiters or drivers disrespectfully. On the other hand, we also see people who might not have high degrees scribbled on papers, but they are polite and kind to others, more to the ones who hold lower designation than them.

The right education is not about getting higher degrees or pushing your limits to achieve success in your individual career choices, it is about imparting values and morals along with getting knowledge on your chosen subjects of interest. When you are highly educated, you will learn the positive aspects of living; being kind, helpful, and having uncompromised moral values!

Violence against women- a threat to society!

We see so many crimes against women; be it for giving birth to a girl child or not being able to fulfill dowry requirements, we saw it all! These heinous acts can be eradicated to an extended level when our society implements the right education amongst our children from a young age!

The boys must be taught to stand against the wrong and be vocal against such dowry practices while the girl must be taught to be self-dependent in case there is violence against them so that they can stand up for themselves too! Also, people must be educated enough to know that the gender of a child has nothing to do with the mother!

She already carries XX chromosomes in her ovary and it is the chromosome in the father’s sperm (XY) that decides the gender of the child. If an X chromosome is passed, then it’s a girl and if a Y chromosome is passed then it is a boy! So, these are the small things that can bring a massive change in our society and all that can be done with the right education!

To conclude,

In the last few years, we have seen a massive digital revolution in our country. From making learning easy through apps to teaching students from across the world through online modes, we have come far in this sector! But when it comes to improving our mentality, a majority of us still stick to age-old beliefs.

A majority of families (mainly in the rural areas) fear sending their daughters out of the state or country thinking it would lead them astray. And on the other hand, they seldom teach their sons what being equal means!

It is NOT about being a feminist or a chauvinist, it is always about getting equal respect, equal opportunities, and having equal mentalities towards all. With such a developing frame of mind, our society can go a long way and people can finally understand what right education actually means!

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In my late 20s, I am passionate about writing, exploring ideas, appreciating the good, and surviving the bad. I believe in healing from things that do not show scars and thrive to help others heal too! I am also a practicing psychological counselor! Be with me on my journey towards Enriching Minds and Comforting Souls!

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