Privacy Policy

Heal and Thrive take utmost care in protecting their readers’ privacy to an extended level.

Should we ask for any personal information (like email ids, names, etc.), you must know that it is done only to preserve the information for further
use, like sending promotional emails (which can always be unsubscribed if anybody wants) and getting to know the kinds of visitors we are getting.

We use cookies that gather the information of our visitors and also if there are any ad posts on our blog page. No usage of this
information is allowed by anybody from even our team members to be used for any other purpose than mentioned here.

This is done evidently as a disclosure from our side that we ensure all kinds of safety for our visitors and readers and would never compromise on that! The privacy policy is not limited to our readers only but our authors too.

Disclaimer: Heal and Thrive owns the legal rights of the content on the website and the articles posted here! it shall neither be copied nor used anywhere without permission from Heal and Thrive.