5 Offbeat Places to Visit in India

5 Offbeat Places to Visit in India


India is a land of biodiversity- you have read this in your early geography lessons. Every state of this nation has a unique culture of its own. While Kashmir is called “heaven on earth”, contrary to its geographical direction, Kerala is called “god’s own country” for its immense natural heritages! But beyond these stigmatized mountains and beaches that are often considered the ONLY trip-worthy destinations, you can find several other offbeat places to visit in India that are also worthy to be on your expedition list. 

People generally do not look out for such places for a getaway but things are changing fast! Nowadays, most millennials prefer these offbeat destinations in India that are mostly unexplored and don’t have typical tourist crowds. Away from the hustle-bustle of the proper tourist destinations, you will find solace in these unexplored destinations of your country. In this article, we shall discuss 5 such places. 

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  • Mawlynnong, Meghalaya– for many of us, northeast India still does not qualify to be a significant tourist place. But there are so many attractions that lie in the small but exclusive states of the northeast. One such is the Mawlynnong village of Meghalaya. It has been honored by international bodies with the tag of “the cleanest village of Asia” for its polished streets, cobbled sidewalks, clean roads, and spotless houses. The balancing rock and living root bridge call for additional attraction. It has tranquility that busy city dwellers would crave!


  • Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh– this is also one of the offbeat destinations in India that you would love to visit! Arunachal Pradesh is another northeastern state that is not so often frequented by visitors. But you will love to visit Ziro for its unique peace-filled pine hills and traditional rice field cultivations. Special attractions include Dolo Mando, Talley valley wildlife sanctuary, tribal natives, etc. The weather and the natural beauty make it all worth it!


  • Lunglei, Mizoram– when talking about the northeast, how can we miss Mizoram- one of East India’s finest and picturesque states to visit! Besides being rich in natural landscapes, this place is also famous for activities such as bird watching, trekking, and other adventure sports. If you are looking for some intense peace, go for a trip to Lunglei!


  • Kangojodi, Himachal– this state of the country may be the most explored getaway for tourists from all over the world, still, there are so many undiscovered places in Himachal that you are yet to visit. Well, Kangojodi is one of the best unexplored places to visit in India that will make your jaw drop with its beauty! It is not quite a popular destination unlike other Himachal fascinations but it’s definitely worth visiting. If you are a strictly no-crowd person and looking for a peaceful time away from the city’s hustle-bustle, this is the ideal destination. With pine trees and jungles surrounded by majestic hills, it’s ideal for trekking also.


  • Savandurga, Karnataka– the state of Karnataka might be well known for its IT hub Bangalore all over the world, but it also has some naturally rich destinations that might make it famous soon! Savandurga is one such place! Located at about 60 kms from the busy tech hub, this place is ideal for weekend getaways. It offers on-site camping, trekking, rock climbing, etc., for your refreshment. Surrounded by rocky mountains, it is another offbeat destination that you would like to explore!


To conclude…

If you are a travel enthusiast and you love exploring new places then hopefully this article has helped you discover a few. No wonder our country is one of its kind- rich in heritage, culture, natural beauty, and of course youthful madness! It has mountains, oceans, forests, industrial gateways, and what not! And the best thing about our country is that you do not need to spend a handful of money to make these trips a success. You can always plan your trips at a low cost. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip now and explore another unexplored place soonest!

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